Thursday, March 29, 2012

the scrap bag clock

 Notchka from The Wardrobe ran a Scrap Bag Swap recently and i received a lovely package of scraps from the wonderful woman behind Mushroom Lane. I have a bunch of projects in mind. But y'know, ideas are not my problem, it's prioritising the time to make them happen i struggle with. YOU do know. I know you do.
But this is one project that i whipped up lately. Late at night and fuelled by coffee. As most of my new creations are birthed!
A vintage fabric clock for the small ones to learn about numbers and time.
 The numbers come off the clock face and stick back on with velcro.
 So it's like a puzzle and a learning tool. Plus it just looks darn cool.
And the hands turn.

Happy with this one. The resident tester of new mama inventions has given his stamp of approval. I am looking forward to playing with a few different fabrics in the next few i make.

And HERE is a link to Roslyn from Sew Delicious' post on her Scrap Bag gifts she received from me.
Fun. Er, for fabric enthusiasts that is. Ahem!


  1. What a great idea - and you DID it too. I know all about having more creative ideas than I can manifest. But I've decided it's a nice problem to have, better than barrenness.

  2. Yup I know just what you're on about with the creative process. Too many ideas, not enough time. But I love this idea - its so freaking clever. Kids love anything with velcro too - bonus!!

  3. yes, i like that is a nice problem to have. I am never at a loss of what to do that is for sure! Much like you i imagine ;-)

  4. and thanks notchka...high praise from a mistress of brilliant ideas! x