Sunday, March 18, 2012

word play

 What was the first word this wee boy learnt to spell? Funny. To a four year old boy.
I found these magnetic letters in a thrift shop years ago. They usuallly live on the fridge.
Writing and drawing in the sand is popular around here. Or a whiteboard...impermanence is the way forward it seems. It's led by the wee man but he gets so frustrated sometimes. Trying to model taking deep breaths and the importance of practice. Hard when your brain leaps ahead of itself and wants to write words like 'transform' and 'arachnid' but the physical limitations of being able to shape those letters and words is not quite there yet. I try and support wherever his learning takes him but also, sheesh, there is time you know? Being a kid is special times. Time enough to learn to write 'arachnid'.

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