Sunday, April 15, 2012

Alabama Chanin

 I am a longtime fan of Natalie Chanin and her company, Alabama Chanin. You know me and my enthusiasm for upcycling? Yup, well Natalie and her stitchers have taken it several steps further. Oh yes!
I just got her book Alabama Stitch book out of the library. And am loving it. Another one (Alabama Studio Style) is waiting for me to pick up and the her newest book (Alabama Studio Sewing and Design) is on my request list. The subtitle to this one: Projects and Stories celebrating hand-sewing, quilting, and embroidery for contemporary sustainable style. I do love me some good crafty stories to go along with my projects!
 Click along to the Alabama website and you'll see the clothes and home products they make. Beautiful. Hand stitched, and made from upcycled t shirts and otherwise sustainable fabrics. Simple designs with the Chanin trademark cut away applique as embellishment. Natalie's journal (blog) is a lovely and sometimes thought provoking place to pop into.
 The books come with projects, patterns, stencils and are rich with local history, personal stories and run deep with respect for the living arts of stitchery.
So very much my kind of book. Many sighs of happiness were had on reading it. And i think, i think, i may try and hustle together the materials to work on a little something from the book this weekend. A beautiful friend (Hi Ange of Mermaids Purse) has organised a sewing retreat - a whole day in a beautiful peaceful space in the trees, by the sea - with ten other lovely women. And not a small child to be seen. Oof and Oh the luxury of it!
Wishing you a good week. x


  1. What a neat idea to have a sewing retreat - have a wonderful time!

    1. Thanks nicky, it's just been lovely knowing it's coming up...i have to choose what to work on. I decided it has to be something for me, hehe. Plus there are some gosh darned lovely mama's going too...i'll be in mighty fine company! x