Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Goodbyn lunchbox

Now, i am not known as a spendy sort of a person. Er, no. Unless paying $1.50 for jeans is your idea of spendy. But. There are times when i spend. I mean really spend. I supported 2 mama's small home business by buying a complete set of groovy cloth nappies when Jed was born. I figured that i was going to be seeing them ALL the time, washing the blighters, looking at them hanging on the line...pretty much be surrounded by them for years potentially, so i wanted good quality, i wanted groovy and i wanted to support good people (this was a dry period of no sewing machine or you better believe i would have made 'em!).
Along the same reasoning, i have bought a Goodbyn lunchbox. I figured we'll use it so much and save long term on the wrapping of snacks, it'll be worth it.
I have been eyeing them up for ooo, a few years now and was tired of throwing away the paper i used to wrap food. Tired of rummaging around looking for our various tins i housed our snacks and lunches in.
I have gone plastic. I know, i know. I still use tins for most other food storage but i was looking and looking for a good food storage system that would work as a lunchbox.
I went Goodbyn. From what i researched, its about as clean as plastic can get.
You don't have to wrap anything, each of the compartments seals seperately. This is a biggie for me. I can put a salad in one section, dressing in another. Or dips in one, vege's in another. So cool. I no longer use the screeds of paper to wrap the various food items. They just go in their compartment. And it keeps things super fresh. All day.
The drink bottle can also be frozen to keep the food fresh.
It comes with loads of stickers so the kidlet can personalise their lunchbox.
It's easy to open and close.
Everything is visible at once.
They come in two sizes, ours is the larger.
It sits nicely on Jed's lap when we're in the car. We live off the beaten track a bit and while we try not to use the car much we do have classes and errands to do in town and so spend a bit of time in the car. Being able to manage the lunchbox without me having to open things is revolutionary.
And, so, yes, it cost a pretty penny but we're loving it. It is one of those purchases that just makes sense.
 And with all these stickers to choose from i was kinda tripped out by this wee fella's minimalistic approach.
 (He doesn't get that from his mama, i would of gone a little crazy with the stickers i think)
Goodbyn. Good stuff.

And, not available in New Zealand yet. I first saw them when i lived in the USA and they've been all over blogsville lately. I tracked an Australian family run company called Biome down who stocked Goodbyn. Tracey very kindly offered me a little discount when she checked out the GrowMama blog. That was the catalyst to finally getting our lunchbox dilemma sorted. Thanks for that wee nudge Tracey. Life changing i tell you! Well, in a small utilitarian sort of a way.

Now, i want one for me. Birthday present perhaps?

PS: There are some lovely ideas for lunch packing in Bleubird's Kiddo Lunch series of blog posts.


  1. aren't they great, I got Billy one for starting school last year

    1. er yup, i'm a bit of a fan! be curious to hear where you sourced yours from gabrielle...

  2. Very cool - thanks for letting us know about them Anissa :)

    1. so welcome, i like to spread the word when i hit something that works. If i'd hit a snag i would say so...i'm a bit honest like that. I'll keep you posted, this is only day five of goodbyn ownership! so far so great though

  3. Yes Biome has great stuffs! I have seen this lunch box, I should have a close look at it next time!!