Tuesday, April 17, 2012

GrowMama shortlisted in the Handmade Olympics!

The picnic placemat rolls i designed for the last issue of Extracurricular magazine has been shortlisted in the 2012 Handmade Olympics for the 'favourite handmade goodie with an innovative design' category. Event one.
So exciting to see GrowMama's name up in lights! (Okay, maybe not up in lights yet but y'know...pretty cool!).

PLEASE go vote for me. Click HERE, scroll down and tick the picnic placemat roll. Or on the Handmade Olympics icon down below there. It only takes a minute. And, spread the word. (please!)

Just this morning i was having a rare mope about how hard i work to get my little writing and making endeavours going ...so i was especially thrilled to find the nomination news in my inbox. Hooray. I am just a teensy bit sad the main photo of the picnic roll isn't of one open as well, so folks'd get the idea at first glance, but hopefully most will click through and see the whole story.

But i digress. Go vote, go vote, go vote! Voting is open from the17th - 27th April. But do it now!
And check out the other events...there are seven in total- all amazing creations and creators to support.
PS: Those of you yet to visit The Rik Rak Studio blog are in for a treat too.

{PPS- i can't for the life of me find any of my official picnic placemat photos so have used pics of some recent commissions, you get the idea!


  1. Congratulations - that is a lovely recognition! These are a beautiful commission too. Voted xx

  2. Congratulations, you deserve to have been nominated - you are such an inspiration to so many people Anissa!

  3. I've voted (twice :) ) and written up a piece on my blog! Congrats and good luck!!!



  4. Congratulations, the placemats look beautiful. I'm about to vote.

  5. Great work Anissa - you deserve it. I LOVE those brown-orange-yellow ones at the top!