Tuesday, April 24, 2012


We went on a rescue mission last week. Two baby guinea pigs have been with us since then.
One of their names is Princess Bang, the other is Charlotte Spider. But for the last six days they have been answering to the names Badger and Piglet.
Jed heaven. This animal loving little fellow has just been blissed out. He has sat (and this is a boy at the rip roaring age of four and 3/4) and cuddled these two little critters for HOURS each day. They were all skittish and he has them eating out of his hand now. Cheapest entertainment around.
He is smitten. I have to admit to being a weeny bit smitten too.

Now, this would be an easy thing, if it were a simple holiday care arrangement, but Jed knows the owners are going to re-home the guinea pigs. He has been asked if he wanted them. Which of course, he does. The great carer of all animal kind here cannot stand the thought of them going to 'rough' kids. Besides which they (or one in particular) have a piece of his heart wrapped around her wee claw.
And me?
-Head swirling with thoughts of not liking animals in cages, then heart melting to see how gentle and concerned Jed is with them. Knowing too, they are already IN this tamed life no matter what we decide.
 -Head full of the work involved in caring for small animals and the responsibility of caring for more little lives around here, then seeing how much Jed is learning.
-Head calculating that if we were to do the small animal thing, which Jed so dearly wants to do, probably now is the time. (They live 4, 5 years maximum and any older than ten i imagine Guinea pigs might not be first on the entertainment list.)
-Head calculating the cost of hay and imaginary vet fees...you know, doing that thinking things through thing.
It should be a simple decision but lets face it, things of the heart just aren't.

Hmmm, a time share arrangement perhaps? Fob the boy off with chickens?
For now i am grateful for the up-close chance to get to know these beautiful funny little critters.
They go back in a day or so...eek. Wish me luck!

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  1. Awwwww oh so cute. They make great pets and what a great experience for Jed. Tell him our dog's name is Badger. Jxx