Sunday, April 8, 2012

jean fixin'

 Passing on a handy household hint today: how to rescue a favourite pair of jeans if the zip breaks.
This pair i found at the Salvation Army thrift store half price sale, so they were down to $1.50 NZ dollars. I was looking for jeans that fit. Not ones designed to fit someone 6 ft and model thin. I wanted jeans that fitted well, designed to fit my curvyness and stature. (Lets just say i have a large self image and am surprised when described as short.)

So i tried these jeans on and they fit perfectly. But, bother, the zip was broken. I bought them anyway.
That night i cut out the broken zip and machine sewed velcro in it's place. Genius. Thought it mighta been a little, erm, bulgy but that wasn't the case. I took the above photo as proof for you.
I have since fixed a few other pairs in a similar way. And you know, i prefer the velcro. I am a big velcro fan. There is something satisfying about ripping open your jeans as opposed to unzipping in a civilised manner. Strange for a vintage queen i know, but true. I have had these jeans for a few years now and the velcro is still holding up. Still one of the favourite jeans.


  1. lol, I thought this might be a long complicated description of how to replace a zip - instead VELCRO! genius indeed. Sam

  2. What a good idea. It makes a variation on the bodice-ripper theme. I'll remember that next time I have a broken zip.