Sunday, April 29, 2012


 Sorry to run off like that folks. I am still here, just the weather has been so good, the busyness of summer and my work has filled our days. Plus a bunch of crafting and dreaming up schemes...add in a bit of sleep catch up and somehow three or four days skipped on by. Sheesh.
 I was sad to miss the big Hikoi yesterday (literally, hikoi means 'walk' in Te Reo Maori...or in this case, a protest march) to try and give Mr Key and the rest of the National Party a little taste of just how many folks aren't happy with them selling off NZ's assets. Quite alot. But just about everybody i know was there marching. Go team!
 This one is growing up so fast. I got a voicemail from him today when i was at my market peddling GrowMama wares. Funny to hear his voice through the recording device, as others might hear it. Usually it's right next to me.
 Posted off a few orders from our lovely wee local post office. Watch those mail boxes.
Damper. Anyone remember that from their younger camping/adventure survival days? It hustles up fond memories of going bush for me.

Looking forward to the Plant Medicine workshop i am giving next weekend.
Grateful for the warmth of my little home up on the hill as the chill of autumn is on the increase.
Looking forward to a wood delivery - wood stacking is my most favourite ever job to do.
Grateful for coffee with beautiful connection and budding new friend and awesome mama Angela.
Looking forward to sleeping. More.
Grateful for my time out in the world today and for my huge welcome home again.
Looking forward to brainstorming a new business idea with a new accomplice.
Grateful for an incredible handstistching project, i had forgotten how much i like handwork.
I could go on.
And you? What are you grateful for? What are you looking forward to?

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