Friday, April 13, 2012

no handknitted undergarments here

 The change of season is upon us and that chill is creeping into the early morning air. All attempts at my learning to knit have ended in tears and so i rely on thrifting finds for the handknits i love. Success! Actually, the wee fella has rocked some seriously cool handknits over the years and as a result there is a rumour that i am queen of ALL things handmade, even the knitted. Consider this post setting the record straight...undies, yes...handknits, no. And so, handknitted undergarments...certainly not!
 An unread copy of the complete collection of Enid Blyton's Wishing Chair stories. Yes please!
 Socks and sandals under halfmast trousers anyone?
 This Pacifica print shirt for the small. Denim shirt for the larger boy.
And this, the reason for foraying into thrift stores at all today...white trousers and a few metres of white cotton fleece for $1. To make an astronauts outfit. White usually doesnt fly 'round here. But this week has all been about space. But you'll see soon enough...a sense a bout of late night sewing on the brew.


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