Sunday, April 22, 2012

phone cover Growmama style

I designed and sold a version of these as vintage fabric ipod covers at the GrowMama stall a few years running. They sold well and i still had a few drifting about in my stock. I inherited a fancy phone (well, fancy for me) recently and dug one of the covers out. Et voila! Fits like a glove and it is so handy, i can't believe folks aren't beating down my door for them.
Seriously. I mean fancy phone + my action lifestyle with small child = recipe for breakage surely?
Not with this nifty phone cover.
Plus, i can thread it onto my belt if i am going bush with no handbag, or thread it onto my bag strap.

You don't need to beat down the door, i just listed my latest phone covers (they work just as well for your ipod - i don't have one, i like to keep my technology to a minimum, besides i haven't inherited one OR seen one at the thrift shops yet) on New Zealand's answer to etsy like behaviour.
Go see the GrowMama felt shop HERE. (Just listed a bunch of new vintage fabric headbands too, for those of you asking.)

And, forgive me if it's getting old to my regular readers but if you haven't voted for GrowMama's picnic placemat rolls in the 2012 Handmade Olympics 'Most innovative' section please do so HERE.
Heartfelt thanks. Just thinking about that nomination brings a smile. And possibly a wee wriggle. 

Hope you all had a happy weekend. We had glorious glorious SUN! (An event in itself here after a pretty dismal summer weatherwise)


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  2. schaefer, i am happy to consider advertising products links through my blog if you email me first. I like to support products that i would use myself and thoroughly recommend. anissa