Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Dress Up Box

 Dressing up is a huge part of children’s imaginative play. Our huge dress up drawer gets alot of daily traffic.

A few basic dress up’s can be used for many things. When i was crafting for my son’s friends birthdays he often requests i make a cape or crown. I started getting alot of email asking how to make various outfits folks had seen on my blog.
So, I am starting the ‘Dress up Box’ series on the blog, about what we and other folks have in their dress up stash. Plus, a few tutorials, a few giveaways and i am stocking dress ups in my GrowMama felt store and market stall now too. When i am onto a good thing, i like to share the love. (Besides, otherwise i get twitchy making the same sort of things over and over!)

I love how children will use one item for many things...a stick can be a sword, a wand, an air traffic controllers baton. Are sticks in your dress up box, or do you have a collection? We do. 
Big thanks to Jed for trialling the new lot of dress ups so i could take some pics. I only feel slightly guilty for being responsible for his first 'fake' or pretend smile for the camera. I guess it had to happen one day.
If you'd like to contribute a piece about your dress up box (a review of your dress up collection, a related story, a tutorial, a rant - plus a few pics ), either leave a comment or email me. More the merrier i say.

GrowMama felt store HERE.

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  1. So cute, sadly my 2 haven't ever got into fress up, just arguing if the niose that is coming from the other room is anything to go by!