Thursday, May 31, 2012

going offline

These days living in an intentional community, or commune, doesn't mean going offline.
Twin Oaks Community, where i used to live, used to be you could only use the internet on the hammocks business computers after office hours in the courtyard. No  longer. After (undoubtedly a long) decision-making process, communards now have i/net access from their SLG's (Small Living Groups). The commune has gone live.
 I have many dear friends still living at Twin Oaks, and i often wonder about going back to visit and the changes i will find. I miss my Friday night cooking for 100+ people. I miss the sense of appreciation and validation i felt living there. I have not felt that since i left. I wonder how i/net access has changed the culture there. I liked the island culture there...of beauty being an individual thing (how freaking refreshing is that?! and after living back in well, 'non-communeland' for a few years now, what a relief).
I miss the ease and fluidity of gender dynamics. I miss the diverse worklife i built up there. I miss the art, the homegrown music, the sauna, the pond, kayaking down the river, autumn wood stacking (my favourite physical job), the big seasonal rituals. I miss the diversity and wisdom of people i lived and worked with. I miss commie clothes (a communal house full of clothes, shoes and dress ups). I certainly miss my people. I even miss the conflict resolution work and mediations i facilitated. But i have to confess, i am a bit stuck on whether i miss the shared bathrooms. Didn't blink an eye at the time, but do i want it now? Hmm, i'll get back to you on that one.
 Can anyone spot me?! Almost ten years ago. Eek.
Yup, good times. I love that such a life is possible.

And what got me on this wander down memory lane? Thinking about community, about support, thinking about where to move to, what next. (Decidedly NOT thinking about anything remotely connected to fertility issues! I'm taking a month off. So there!)  And someone sent me a link to EcoSalon's '10 Communities we want to live in'. Go take a look. Dancing Rabbit in Missouri i love and have some dear ones living at or near. You can find Twin Oaks Communities website HERE.
It's real, this life, you can build one too. Or sneak off with ideas from it and create your own dream.
Or, heck, just do a visitor period and move in.

Oh yes, the whole reason for this post title...i am going offline for a week or so.
Brewing me up some plans you see. You just wait. xx


  1. PURRRRRfect! I am very much on this path at the mo- though am looking into starting a brand new community, just a wee one, in the BEAUTIFUL Pohangina Valley (Manawatu) where I grew up. It is my dream, but I know in my heart of hearts it will be my reality too :-D. It is still very much in the beginning stages, but this we seed is germinating!
    I want to do alot of research (in the only way that works for me- going and meeting folks and talking to them, and experiencing some commune life for a while) into the issues that will inevitabley come with such a merging of many lives, and would like to see a) what those issues have been for others, and b) how they have chosen to negotiate them. Thanks for your links, I'll have a good looksie next time my ratbag is in bed early ;-).
    Xx Tink*

    1. Exciting stuff Tink...keen to hear more about what you find out exploring the communities here in NZ, most of my community dwelling was international. I used to be the exec of the FEC (Federation of Egalitarian Communities) in North America, email if you ever want to dialogue more about intentional community. And check out the and the FIC too...lots of links and info there. x