Tuesday, May 1, 2012


My picnic placemat rolls won the bronze in the Handmade Olympics most innovative design event...Hoorah!
A big thanks to all of you who voted for me. REALLY big thanks, a little validation is so good from time to time isn't it? I felt proud to be amongst such awesome designers.You can click on over to Rikrak Studio's announcements of the winners HERE.
My super talented childhood friend Jacqui posted a lovely post about my nomination on her blog Blooming.  She is a fellow crafty mama of two gorgeous boys living in Japan. I have been enjoying catching up with her via her blog lately.Thank you my lovely friend. 

The email saying i'd won bronze arrived mintues after i had done some sleep math. I was a bit flattened by the realisation of just how much sleep i am getting.
Let's see...(i'm a born night owl and my work time is mostly at night, i find it almost impossible to get to sleep before at least 10.30), i am often up until 11, then i read/unwind...okay, sometimes midnight.
Then Jed usually wakes once in the night, still (hey, it beats the 5,6, 7 times a night he was up his first few years let me tell you) then the speedy brained kid is up at oh, 5am? Maybe 5.30. Civilised begins with a 6.
I may not come downstairs during the week until i smell coffee but we're not talking solid sleep.
So, i estimate i get, on average 5 and a half hours sleep a night. Broken with one wake-up in that block.
Yup. 5 hours sleep does not a happy mama make.
And yup, repeated doses of coffee can only alleviate that so much.
Actually, i worked out that my little fella gets on average 2 hours less sleep than his peers. He fell asleep mid afternoon yesterday- which was unheard of - but woke up a different kid. It is so sad for me that i can't manage to get him more sleep. Oh, yeah, and me. Sure, rest time after lunch is a part of our daily rhythyms and i do what i can. It has been like this since he was born. This was the baby that took two hours to settle for a nap - then slept half an hour. Argh! the word 'sleep' used to be so loaded around here!
You know, as a parent, you just work with what comes y'know?
I am blessed in so very many ways and this is just one of our challenges.

So you see, the timing of the email about my bronze win, was perfect.
Good news to stop me wallowing in sleep deprived despair.

And me. I have just had a loooong bath and am going to sleep BEFORE 10 pm. Wish me luck.


  1. Congratulations on your win - I think you should have won gold!!!!
    The subject of sleep and children is a tricky one, my middle son was not a good sleeper when he was young but we discovered that putting him to bed earlier ( around 7pm) he actually slept longer and didn't wake in the night - it took a couple of weeks to get him into the routine of going to bed earlier ( a few drops of lavender in the bath water, subdued lighting etc all played a part too), also directing him straight back to bed if he woke in the night was important too - no drinks or such.

    1. oh thank you annie! And, yes, sleep is a tricky topic. Thanks for the handy sleep tips, i know alot of mama's reading this will file them away in the mama-tools kit. For us, well - we have tried everything over the years. I think it is important to say some children need less sleep than they are 'meant' to. Or they have sleep challenges and sometimes, no matter what you do, you can't make it change. You can't force a baby or child to sleep. (Jed's bedtime is 6pm and he takes a long time to unwind before he sleeps. If he stays up late he still wakes at 5). I know many kids with sleep relationships like Jed now. There are quite some in the class he does once a week in town. I have met many mama's who've shared with me their journey and that has helped. I get phonecalls from mama's in sleep distress every now and then and i share with them the tools i know (and believe me i know many!) but always take care to not to blame the mama. It may just be that child. Part of the beautiful package and it is up to us how we deal with it. (Staying up til midnight is not advised fe!). Do what you can to shift things but make your peace when it doesn't. Stressing about it just makes it worse.
      This shoulda been a blog post huh?!

  2. Congratulations Anissa, that is so well deserved. It's hard to be sleep deprived, but it will change. Maybe winter coming on will help: the hibernation season.

    1. Heartfelt thanks Juliet...it is a nice feeling to have won that. Sleep rant above! I think i will be more relaxed and restful come winter...usually this time of year we are in 'turning within' mode with the autumn but it has been sunny and beautiful and so i have still been running hard in extended summer mode!

  3. Congratulations on your prize Anissa and very best of luck on the winter hibernation for both you and Jed. Yep, sleep is a hard to come by commodity for us mamas. Wind down time is pretty important at the end of the day and then I always kick myself when I get that early wake up call! Looking forward to reading your extracurricular article too btw.
    Nicky x

  4. Just catching up on your neck of the woods. Congratulations! That is wonderful news and well deserved! Jxx