Friday, May 11, 2012

the path of a stream

 The local council decided to move our streams. Uh huh. They were afraid they would start to erode the nearby coastal road. I understand the reasons and it was still very strange to have such heavy upheavel in our quiet little corner of the world.
It made a heady combination for the small one...the diggers etc and the beach.
Oof! We saw the beginning of the work, checked on it daily and we were there when the last machine packed away.
You'll be pleased to know that our streams are nice tidy straight lines heading straight for the sea now.
It jumped us into a beautiful impromptu look at water and how it moves and behaves naturally.
Take a look at THIS selection of aerial pictures from Google images. Nature just rocks doesn't it?


  1. Glad to see your road will be okay!
    Fiona x

  2. So this post kept playing over in my mind. You know I'm a water sign. Then I happened to be reading a book called 'the sustainable dream' written by bio-dynamic farmer John Pearce from Kaipara.

    In the article titled 'power of water' there is one paragraph that was typset in blue as opposed to black. It reads 'Water insists on travelling in curves, in the limniscape movement or figure of eight flow. If this flow is interrupted, the water becomes a constant eroding force until it regains its momentum. Therefore any straightening of waterways inevitably leads to further flooding'.

    I guess whomever in the council was in charge of these works did not read this article!

    1. jed and i were talking about this yesterday, he had noticed how the streams are making curves again ...we went to google images and typed in 'aerial photos of rivers' beautiful! x