Thursday, May 24, 2012

sewing makes everything better (almost)

So, Mother's Day weekend...i couldn't leave the premises so...what to do, but unearth the fabric stash and get sewing?! I shelved all manner of projects to sew a few things for myself.
These two jersey fabrics came from the thrift shop and i had been wanting tunics for the winter...
 ...enter New Look 6731. At first glance, an ugly pattern, but then i have no vision in these things. I rely on other people's visions in translating patterns - or design 'em myself. I had seen someone else make it up (See clevergirl HERE) and loved it.
 I had been saving this fabric for a batwing top and kinda wish i still had. I like this top but i suspect it is not one i will wear alot. Good thing it took me minutes to whizz up.
Yup, this pattern has three pattern pieces and it being jersey, there is not a finished seam in sight.
 This one however, i love. And proceeded to wear for the next three days. It's a double layered super soft vintage knit and is a dream to wear.
I love the neck line. With jeans or over leggings...i'll be wearing this one a whole bunch.
Sigh, i just love sewing from other people's throw away's and if it's sewing time comes in under an hour, all the better!
Do you have a fast 'n' dirty pattern you pull out from time to time?

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