Sunday, May 20, 2012

stitching therapy - oh yeah!

I finished the Alabama Chanin skirt i started at the Sew Fun retreat awhile ago. All handstitched folks.
When i was travelling i didn't have a sewing machine in my backpack (imagine, no unlimited sewing machine access for 16+ years...shudder!) and i made many clothes by hand on the road.
 It was so nice to get back to that handstitching a garment thing.
 I love the way it turned out and it is so super comfortable to wear, those two layers of cotton jersey just kinda flow.
Given that i need a bunch of sewing therapy at the moment, i leapt into cutting out the Alabama Chanin corset top in the same fabrics. (fifty cents apiece at the thrift store).
But, alas, it was late at night and i was addled of brain with hormonal, uh, disturbance and emotional bluchh and blindly followed instructions (most unlike me) and the pattern pieces i traced from the sheets in the book. And, well...if you ask me there is a central pattern piece that ends about 8 centimetres or so early. Bother. In my aforementioned state, i only realised it after i had handstitched (for hours) the corset together. Bother again.
It could be just my tum doesn't like a good flaunting these days, but i don't think it works to trim it up. I can't find anything online about any flaw in the AB pattern. I doublechecked my tracing, all good there, i will just have to get creative and find some super stellar way of remedying the hole. Hmmm. W.I.P

While i am at it, a few of you have asked about the Alabama Chanin books...i have two of them from the library and have requested Natalie Chanin's latest one. I am going to send you over HERE to a run-down of what is in each book. Don't forget you can upcycle thrifted t-shirts to make you Chanin clothing too.

Alot of thinking and feeling goes into handstitching big projects like these, each one is a process and at the other end of a few lately, i am feeling good. I can appreciate that so very much is great in my life. That all will be okay. Etc. Phew.
Thank you for all your caring words. We all hit hard times. It is how we hit them and work through them that counts aye? xx


  1. I too have made the corset top but didn't run into the problem of a short piece. Hmmn that seems a bit odd. I can't wait to see the finished product. I have worn mine often in the past two years. It is such lovely process to make clothes with just a needle and thread. Really enjoy your blog. Especially the refreshing photos of the beach. Bliss.

    1. huh...i had to doublecheck that i hadn't done anything wierd when i traced the pattern, but it is definitely short. wasn't me! I have run into a bit of a creative mire, almost finished too. It feels lovely on. And thank you for your kind words about the blog, i do enjoy my little corner of the internet. x

  2. Wow - you're amazing Anissa! Productive even when you could/should be wallowing in self pity. Wish I had half your drive. I've reserved one of the Alabama books at our local library after you recommended them recently so look forward to checking it out. I followed the link through to the reviews of each book - it made me laugh how she 'fixed' the low necks! Hope you're enjoying your newly stitched garments and have found a creative solution for the wee short bit. xx

    1. Yes! creative solution was found for the short bit...i'll blog that soon. And, well, if i don't stitch at times like these i tend to wallow and well, that can be a dangerous place to hang out in for too long...the wallowing place! Yes, funny, 'fixing' the low necks...the latest Alabama Chanin has them MUCH lower too. X

  3. I had the same issue, however I realized it is not a problem with the pattern, it is a problem with the orientation of the middle front piece. The way you have laid out the pattern pieces before sewing needs to be reversed for this pattern piece. It is counterintuitive because the neckline of the pattern is so low, it looks like it should be the contour of the armhole.