Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Dress Up Box - making pixies

So, by popular demand, here is a wee blast from the past and a tutorial (of sorts)- a pixie costume made two years ago and still in brought out of our Dress Up Box and played with.
 This same pixie tunic can be used as Robin Hood...
 ...with a few more accessories.
It's super easy to make and gets years of dressing up's a favourite around here.

To make the pixie tunic you need:
A metre and a half of stretch cotton jersey in green, scissors and matching thread.
If you don't have a sewing machine, you can sew it by hand.
1) Fold your cotton jersey right sides facing in, so the stretch goes across the body. Cut out the shape above through the two layers.
2) You can use one of your childs shirt's as a guide. Make sure you cut it roomy enough. You want it to come just above the knees.
3) Use your child's shirt as a guide of how wide to cut the neckline. You can tweak that later.
4) Using a zig zag stitch, sew each side of the tunic from sleeve to hem. It's kind of a batwing design.
5) Don't forget to reverse when you start/stop to anchor the seam.
6) Turn right side out. Almost done!
7) Cut zig zags or triangles into the hem and sleeve ends...leaving the seams intact. See the pics above.
8) Try the tunic on and tweak the neckline, trim it to look good. i did mine in a light 'V' neck. Pin those hem scrap triangles around the neckline.
9) Cut a long 'belt' or sash from the remaining jersey fabric.
And there you have it...a pixie tunic. I told you it was easy! Cotton jersey does not fray so there are no seams to finish. Gotta love that. I do! (And the kids certainly don't complain.)
Email me or leave comments if you have any questions - always happy to help.

For the pixie hat...cut out four of the above pixie hat shape...measure your wee person's head circumference to make sure it will fit. Remember that jersey has alot of stretch to it. You want four pieces...two for the outside of the hat, two for the lining. It will be reversible. I have two shades of green in the pieces in the photo. Green and red is fun at Christmastime/winter solsticetime.
With the fabric's right sides together, use your zig zag stitch to sew the pieces together. Turn the outer hat piece right side out and fit the hat inner inside it. Use a knitting needle or similar to tuck the pixis hat tops into each other. Fold over the outer and inner pieces, pin securely and sew to form the hem. 
Bells can be sewn on. Or tassles inserted as you sew.
If you use a green polar fleece you can get away with only one layer and the fleece makes the pixie hat stand up beautifully. 

Jo and Kelly...good luck making to see pictures when you do!
Happy making, everyone. x

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