Sunday, June 24, 2012

Going bush

We live on a wild coastline, famous for it's wild surf. Surrounding our wee sprawling 'village' is a National Park. From our deck or windows we see Kereru (wood pigeon), piwakawaka (fantails) and tui every day. The gecko i blogged about HERE, is still in residence on our deck. We are incredibly blessed to have all this wild space as a backdrop to our daily lives. I love it when friends and family visiting New Zealand, or living in the city come to stay. We get to see all this through their eyes. We get reminded just how blessed we are. And, it is always special to open your home and heart to ones you love.
Jed and i went for a special Winter Solstice wander the other day. We found puriri trees that are hundreds of years old, played pooh sticks, sat in the sun, saw fish in the stream, enjoyed some mud, picked some grassy treats for Chester the rabbit. Connected, to each other and the world around us. Good times.
The largest kauri snail shell i have seen. Kauri snails are a giant snail, native to NZ and are an endangered species. It always makes me feel hopeful when i see one.
 This is the hollow kauri tree trunk that Jed likes to set up a goblin market in.
 We spotted three pairs on kereru on our short bushwalk.
Watching for travelling pooh sticks.
Good good times.


  1. those pants are very funky! Monika.

  2. Such beautiful photos and place you live. I live in Wellington and have done for 15 years. A huge piece of my heart is in New Zealand - and always will be - though fate seems to be taking us away for a few years - which we will embrace as the adventure it is - knowing beautiful New Zealand will always be here.

  3. Thanks Sarah, i feel very blessed to live where we do. Sounds like exciting times ahead for you, look fwd to reading about it on your blog. x