Wednesday, June 27, 2012

GrowMama gone viral

A post i wrote about a simple upcycling design idea two years ago has gone viral.
I sit here, all rugged up, drinking tea and fielding emails from folks new to GrowMama. If you are one of those new folks, a big heartfelt and hearty welcome to you.

How it happened, was like this...

Four years ago a feisty thirty something, sleep deprived, crafty, passionate eco minded mama and writer wanted to keep in touch with her international tribe and have a committment to write (i hadn't been and writing is like breathing to me...must. do. it). Words were mixed in with photos taken from the frontlines of a life lived fully out in our beautiful coastal forests. I threw in a few antics from a magical child, a few tutorials, some beach adventures, a few recipes...links to hopefully inspire, popped in a few thoughts to challenge...whatever felt real to me. This is GrowMama. I went in the direction  my heart tugged me in. It is a heartfelt endeavour this blogging thing.
Somewhere along the line, someone spotted a project (the upcycled shopping bag from a vintage pillowcase i came up with) ...they posted the image and description of it along with a link back to the original blog post on Pinterest. Others saw it and re-pinned, and re-pinned and so on and so on. The power of social media is truly mind blowing. Truly. Mind. Blowing.

This all began to unfold on my birthday. It’s been the best present! Exciting, somewhat baffling, but fun. Really fun to follow the GrowMama ether trails through the internet.

I am building something here, i want to keep working from home so i can keep being the mama i need to be. I want to keep inspiring folks, to keep sharing what works for us, share the experience my beautifully full life has gifted me, share leads i have to create a more juicy and sustainable world, a more connected one. So, this going viral thing is great, slightly scary (i have the ‘i am not good enough’ inner voice that pipes up from time to time like so many of us creatives) and i am left just ever so slightly breathless and wondering where to go next with this. Or, perhaps, where it is taking me.

Six days ago i had three thousand new visitors to my blog and i thought that was pretty wild. Then numbers got bigger and bigger and today, i say a big welcome to all 23,635 of you who have checked out that upcycling tutorial and quite some who have stayed and are pottering about in GrowMama world. Wow.

Yup. Wow! Someone pointed out that it is almost exactly four years of blogging here at GrowMama. I just had a little wander down memory lane through the archives. Good times! Thanks for coming along for the ride, i have learnt much, have many new friends and sheesh, my kid is soooo much bigger!
And thank you dear Emma, for the beautiful heart and card and words i found in my letterbox from you. Friends make the world go ‘round. It is a joy to share the ride with you all. x


  1. So glad people are catching on to your blog, Anissa! I faithfully follow every post you do, got you sitting on my igoogle homepage ;-)

  2. wow! those are some impressive numbers - it is a fabulous idea you clever thing.

    1. Thanks Sam. I love the designing bit the best...its the reproducing the same thing over and over i flunk out in! x

  3. Replies
    1.'s funny, 'cause its from a blog post two years'll likely peak soon but its a fun ride. Now i just need that elusive book deal! xx

  4. What an amazing story! and how great that you are inspiring people around the world, and connecting with them, all from you own rural retreat. We do live in marvellous times.

  5. I am an avid upcycler too and I was one of those people who clicked on your bag from Pinterest..... sorry to scare you!

    I have some old posts on my blog that get lots of hits too mainly the one about How to sew a gusset in pants undies or knickers.

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