Monday, June 25, 2012

The GrowMama Plant medicine handbook here. Or rather, available in my felt shop over HERE. There are a pile of them here waiting to be posted out. Exciting! I am truly passionate about learning to manage our own and our families common health complaints with the plants that grow around us. The handbook is super affordable to reflect that.
 The description in the listing for the Plant medicine handbook in the GrowMama felt store has a bunch more information about the handbook. If you need more, just email.
For those of you asking about the Plant Medicine Workshops, next ones are in the Spring...i like to work with fresh plants so we'll wait for the new growth.

If you are in mid winter, my fellow antipodean friends, i wish you warmth...if you are in the northern hemisphere, may summer be all you hoped for. x


  1. Definitely going to get a copy on payday, curse waiting those extra couple of days! Looking forward to adding a few plants to my garden plan once I buy it too.

    1. alrighty! there is one here with your name on it...order now, i will pop into the post for you and pay when you can. Important things first. xx

  2. ooh, I would love to join you at your workshop. Roll on Spring. xxx

  3. Righto Sam, you are on the list my friend! love to the whanau x

  4. I'll be purchasing one from you when we next meet lovely. x