Thursday, June 28, 2012

gumboot happy

Come this time of year, in our temperate rainforesty sort of a gets a tad soggy. My trips down to the garden and animals were ruining shoes.
My last two pairs of gumboots were secondhand, which is all great, but it was proving kinda tricky to find another pair. (And lets face it, nothing was going to measure up to the leopard print ones i found in France over ten years ago. Those boots travelled with me over many a mile, well worth the 2 Euro i paid.)
Enter brand new gumboots. Which shall now be the favoured footwear of the season. At least until it dries up around here, sheesh.
Those of you who frequent these pages know how i do not like buying new...i figure there is enough stuff in the world. But y'know, i do it sometimes. Here is proof.

And look at that size difference will you? Not much. I can actually fit my four year olds gumboots, not comfortably, but my foot goes in there. I am going to be one of those mama's whose kid towers above her.


  1. Gumboots are pretty essential at this time of the year. My son had big feet too, and now is very tall.

  2. apart from the odd trip into town i confess i could manage quite nicely with either bare feet or gumboots most of the year! Hmmm, i wonder how long it will be before my big-small boy is taller than me?! x