Saturday, June 16, 2012

shirt rescue

 In dire need of long sleeved shirts now that winter is upon us, i picked this one out of the $1 bin at a secondhand bin. I like the cut and the fabric, but it had graphics on it I didn't like.
Part of the original shirt already had an applique'd red heart on it so i went with that theme and busted out some vintage tartan and floral fabrics from the stash. I cut out big enough hearts to cover the graphics.
The result is this...
An instantly wearable, if a tad tacky, long sleeve shirt. I wear alot of vests in the winter so you'll hardly get a glimpse of the hearts until things warm up around here.
So satisfying, those 5 minute clothing transformation projects.

Appreciating what Pip Lincolne from Meet me at Mikes wrote about the trend to transparency she is noticing these days...check out her piece HERE.

Appreciating too, Ian Lawton's post on the power of words HERE.

And, Ina May Gaskin in Birth Story, a documentary about her revolutionary midwifery work - the trailer can be seen HERE. I feel so lucky to have spent time at The Farm in Tennessee and have met Ina and her husband Steven and many wonderful folk in their community. She is a great example of how following your heart can give great things to the world. I love that story of how they all got started looking for a community in their buses back in the day...and those babies started coming!

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