Monday, June 18, 2012

three potentially life changing things

ONE. This is the newest member of the family. What can i say? 1) Jed is very happy and, 2) hormonally crashing mama's probably shouldn't make large decisions like adopting baby rabbits. You'll be hearing more about this little dude i am sure. We are all smitten.

TWO. I have images from James Mollison's project and book, Where Children Sleep, rocketing around my head. Can't shake 'em. What a crazy interesting world we live in. Riveting stuff. Great to stimulate kids thinking about culture. Go see. James' website is HERE with a larger series of photos from the book, but NPR have a nifty article on him HERE, with some text to the pics which i found interesting.
Thanks to Amy from Angry Chicken for the heads up on this one.

THREE. Have you met the Muffin Man? I have a few friends who moved to Madison, has a reputation for being progressive, a cool place to live. If the muffin man lives there, i can well believe it.
If you need a little lift to your day, a wee bit of inspiration on how to make the world a better place to be...head on over and check out the muffin man's muffin exchange HERE.  Just the kind of hi-jinks i used to get up to.

As always, i love to know what you are thinking about all away, or leave a comment.

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  1. I love Mollinson's book too. Amazing photographs!

    Thanks for the Muffin Man. He rocks. I wonder, am declaring myself as a hopeless sentimental if I say the combination of Muffin Man's stunning ideology and Nina Simone's words and voice made me cry?