Saturday, June 9, 2012

through the eyes of Jed

I found these on my phone camera. I didn't know he knew how to use it. I guess there are many things i don't know he can do these days. The boy is a blur of knowingness and action.
So, here you have it. A wee exhibition of Jed's photos.
I think it should be entitled 'Road trip through the eyes of a four year old'.
It is likely he would think otherwise.
 Mama. Essential on any road trip longer than half an hour. 
Opinel penknife. In secret compartment.
Another secret compartment.
'Interesting levers and buttons.'

The artist. Self portrait.


  1. I love how kids are so detail focused. They notice things that we'd never think of!

    1. hallelujah to that too...i think that is part of the gift they give us. I try my best to be open to that. Mostly sucessful, most days!