Sunday, July 15, 2012

alabama update

I finally finished the Alabama Chanin 'corset'. It's in the same fabrics as I made my skirt in. I am loving the return to handsewing garments. When I lived out a backpack for years I would handsew clothes from upcycled bits and pieces I found on my travels. Especially when I had something on my mind. Handwork brings such a zenlike peace to me, it is like a moving meditation. And whatever is on my mind gets sort of sewn into the garment.
I had the newest Alabama Chanin book, Studio Sewing and Design: A guide to handsewing an Alabama Chanin wardrobe, out from the library and they have honed their patterns and techniques hugely so I recommend this last book for those who want to give it a go.
I learnt the Cretan stitch on armhole and neck bindings which was satisfying.
They are the most comfortable clothes to wear. If you've been around awhile you might remember the pattern piece for the front bodice piece was short and I had to add another piece in. I had big plans to do some fancy applique over it, but have'nt gone there yet. I like the clean lines of the bodice as it is for now. Even with it's wee hiccup in the front there. I am fond of the odd quirk. One late night when I am twitching to sew that may change.

I like the lines of the newest Alabama book's clothes, I have a pile of cotton jersey here waiting for the next Alabama project. She has patterns for singlets, T's, basic long sleeve shirts as well tunics, bolero's, wraps, hats, fingerless gloves (already cut out and waiting on my worktable, in merino and jersey double layers) and various dresses. Lots of new stitchs, beading techniques and applique ideas in there too.

If you are new to Alabama Chanin's work check out my first Alabama blog post HERE .


  1. lovely hand stitching - very inspiring

    1. thanks sam, i could totally see you rocking some alabama designs...