Tuesday, July 3, 2012

bat wings, rabbits and small boys

 It is truly winter here in my corner of New Zealand. I was missing a layer. I needed something boxy, fairly short in length and with nice drape to the fabric. Something to throw on over whatever i was wearing to add a bit of warmth. I dug out a length of fine weave merino wool jersey i snaffled for $5 a metre. Using a batwing top i designed earlier in the year for a guide, enlarging the width, i whipped this one up.
All using an adjusted zig zag, not a seam finish in sight. This merino doesnt fray and it is for me to wear and i don't mind...if it were to sell, there would be no raw edges believe me!
Give it a try. You can use any stretch fabric for this kind of design. We won't call this a tutorial blog post, but if anyone needs more guidance, you know where to find me...on the other end of an email.
The scarf came along the next evening.
As did the bunny.
 I have so many photos with my son speeding on through them, or pictures with his foot or an arm flung, or some random thing he's placed in the frame to 'help'. Now i have TWO boys zooming through a bunch of my photos. Chester the rabbit and his trusty cohort, Jed Isaac.
Cracks me up. They are a curious pair. And put on a better show than TV for sure.


  1. Very cool top Anissa....although have to say, it can't be that cold up your way if you're only going for short sleeves!

  2. he he....true that Nicky! We had ice on our deck the other morning...much excitement, i can't remember it icing up before. I do wear it with long sleeved merino's underneath though. Try one with long sleeves and let me know how it goes! x