Saturday, July 21, 2012

caffeinated crafting

 A few nights out from our flight to Queenstown i got a bee in my bonnet about gloves. Not just any gloves, i wanted to try making a pair of Alabama Chanin hand sewn fingerless gloves. I photocopied the pattern from her latest book and set to work. Well, actually, first i made myself a kick-ass cup of coffee, THEN i set to work.
 I used one layer of brown cotton jersey (two upcycled t-shirts in contrasting colours would look great) and the outer layer in a black merino i had in the stash. They came together in no time. Handsewing is so portable, i got most of it done in 'spare' (read: stolen) moments through out the day.
And i tell you, they came in handy in the mountains. More about that soon. One thing though, i cut the merino on the wrong angle on one piece so it started fraying (these are all raw edges), my bad...all the other edges are fine, and i like the edginess of the raw edges.
I hope this week has treated you all well. x

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  1. They look great Anissa - and cosy! Look forward to hearing what you got up to in the deep south...