Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Dress Up Box- super heroes

 Jed's Small Poppies class did a session on super heroes last term. And wow, did that ever go down well...they came up with a super hero persona each, then made a cape (with no sewing involved, imagine!) and a mask and held a parade complete with super hero moves. Very cool to watch these kids engage their inner super heroes.
Jed's was Animal Rescue Guy. Super colour: green. Super hero powers? Yup, every single one.
Mission? And i quote, 'he saves animals that are endangered or just about to be extinct or shot. And talks to war guys to say that war is not good and to do community work and saving animals so they can be super heroes too'.
Pretty cool guy to have around this Animal Rescue Guy.
 He even went off and drew a symbol: the world with a helping hand.
 The outfit got huge wear over the next few days and the night before a super hero themed birthday party i dug out the mask (made of paper and cellophane) and realised it wasn't up to party wear and tear.
 I took a pattern by tracing directly around the paper mask...cut out two pieces of wool felt, one in black, one in green, nabbed a thin piece of elastic from my stash, five minutes on the sewing machine and voila...
...a comfy to wear new super hero mask. Then i had to make one for the birthday girl. I think there will be a few more of these off the crafting table in the weeks to come. Sew fun.

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  1. cute! my son was batman for halloween and I did something similar. Little boys and superheros are a big hit, eh?