Sunday, July 29, 2012


We took off for Arrowtown one morning while we were staying in Queenstown. A tiny, most picturesque spot and one of the main site's of the goldpanning way back in the day. I was all waxing historical as we explored the Chinese goldminers settlement, until i realised Jed was not paying much attention. Usually he is full of questions and imagining what life was like back then. But not today. On this day, there was ice.
 And i realised, he had never seen it. Ice cubes yes...frozen puddles and streams? Nope. I shut up and just watched. Exploring. Pretty important stuff.
 The work of a child.
 We got into some historial wondering later. Days were spent making camp and gold panning when we got home. A kind lady at an Arrowtown jewellers let us hold a huge nugget of gold. $10,000 worth! They had a bunch of nuggets found right where we had been exploring earlier that day. And Uncle Kev told us the story of his buddy who gold pans for a hobby and who found one of the very nuggets we'd seen on display.
Love it when history comes alive.
And friends were made. There are always new friends to be made, even in the most unlikely of places.


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    1. Sometimes there are moments that are incredibly beautiful...they are there often, the trick for me is to be quiet enough and open enough to spot them and let them in. x