Thursday, July 12, 2012


We have a small house and this birthday is a winter gig in this hemisphere so invitations are a few select. The birthday one is not keen on large groups anyway, so that makes it easy. As ever, he is the ideas guy...i kinda scramble to make it all happen. (Okay, okay, i can't resist throwing in some ideas of my own too...) stuff.
We made these little booklets for each friend/cousin and taped a little coloured pencil on the back of each.
Jed signed them all and i sent him into our wee post office with some money. It helps that the post mistress is a lovely friend and sooo good with kidlets. (Hi Chris!)
I love the thought of these little people getting snail mail. I wonder how much of it they'll get in their lives, the world has leaned so much toward the electronic lately. I am a keen screen person when it comes to communications, i am a writer i guess. I'm not so keen on talking on the phone. But a dear friend and i still write great wads of letters and send them across the oceans to each other. I love that...i love that the pieces of paper still have the 'feel' of her on them, she touched them, i can visualise her room where she wrote them, y'know? You get these nuances in handwriting that isn't possible with screen based comm's, like how hard the pen pressed into the paper, the rush of letters or the crowding of them in the rush to get the pesky varmints onto the page. It's just different how my mind works writing longhand as compared to typing too.

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