Thursday, July 26, 2012

mountain life

 I feel in two minds about having family in Queenstown, in NZ's South Island. 1) It is far from here so Jed doesn't get to see his cousin very much, but 2) it is SO very beautiful it is kinda cool to have an excuse to HAVE to go. Plus we got to hang with the Queenstown chapter of the family, it is a guaranteed good time.
 And, we got to borrow these groovy wheels for a trip up to the ski fields of Coronet Peak and beyond. (Any excuse to cruise in that ute really...)
 We had to stop and explore the minute the little fella spied snow. My patched up seventies ski overalls i bought off trademe for him did the trick nicely. Plus, he had the hair and homeknit to complete the seventies vibe!
 Some adventure time, some quiet time, time talking to the mountains, chickens to hang with, alpine tussock grass to slide down hills on, gondola's to ride, great food, awe inspiring sunsets, time with family. Yeah, i think i do wish they lived closer!
Did i mention time to play? Always time to play!


  1. love his 70s style outfit, haven't forgotten about doing a dressup post for you, hopefully will get to you in the next week

    1. ooo fabulous, i can only imagine what loveliness is in your dress box!