Saturday, July 7, 2012

the racetrack number

 I love how learning unfolds in daily life.
Somehow, the number eight has become 'the racetrack number'. Sudden interest in the number eight brought out the crafting box and we made a rainbow racing track. Out came the eight rainbow gnomes and the kete (flax basket) full of vehicles. Perfect for a sunny moment on the deck.
The rainbow racetrack got left out overnight which made the felt tip art all blurry like watercolours which was pretty fascinating but, then Jed came running inside to say it had left an eight on the deck. And if you look at the first photo up there, it sure did! Cue curious small one's questions about dew.
The stuff i actually plan is never as exciting or cool as things that just happen, or ideas Jed comes up with.
Sigh. (Happy sigh)

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