Sunday, August 26, 2012

a gift, a lend, a trade

 Simple things bring me joy.
 This vintage woollen patchwork quilt with its original backing...a gift from a friend.
I lent my Happy Birthday banner to help commemorate Kraftbomb market's fourth birthday today.
(Excited to offer these for sale and to hire very soon. Watch this space.)
I had taken a few months off to simplify life a little, heal a little, cosy up a little in these wet winter months. That was perfect but happy to be back on the market scene now. Good friends, sunshine, a hopping crafty scene and wildly diverse crew of folks coming through.
Plus there is nothing like a little crafting to get the juices moving.
And a trade. One of my vintage fabric tunic tops for one of Kirsten's new geometric handcrafted necklaces.
You can check out Kirsten's Cheek Pinchy felt shop HERE. It's all i can do to resist from ordering one of the Aztec prints in spring colours. Eek, the downside of markets...the temptation.

Giving, lending and trading. It's the future people. Down with money i say.

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