Thursday, August 2, 2012

candle me up

I had great plans to make a supply of candles. Now i am off the hook. The talented Aunty Hanna has been frequenting the Queenstown markets with her lovely eco candle wares and we got to bring a selection home with us. Lucky!
Some are soy, some beeswax. This one is in an upcycled wine bottle with a wooden wick. Love the idea of upcycling wine bottles like this.
 Melts for the oil burner...haven't tried these yet, but looking forward to it, they smell amazing.
My favourite, the beeswax lantern.

I have a huge lineup of posts i want to share with you. Been distracted by a small boys fifth (%?!) birthdays and trips away and well, a life well lived i s'pose. But still, i'll be back here more often.
Looking forward to it too.


  1. That's right...those lovely invitations a wee while ago! Hope Jed had a wonderful time! Neat to see what you've been up to in the deep south too.

    1. Jed had a Blast. Capital b required there! Birthday wrap up post due. x

  2. Good timing for buying lots of candles as Brigid has just passed, a festival of light, creativity and candle-lighting. I too have a source of soy candles from a local maker, who produces them in many shapes and colours.

  3. I definitely feel the need for candles at the moment, help me through this last bit of winter. A local source for soy candles sounds good. x

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