Saturday, August 11, 2012

handmade birthdays

 Birthdays. The boy dreams it up what he wants and I try to make it happen.
 Crafting together makes the run-up to his birthday fun and i think, him being involved in the making adds a sense of pride and of giving to his friends and family. We're pretty oldschool. It is simple stuff, with the emphasis on being with loved ones and wallowing in that love. I haven't compared notes with friends but i think it saves us money too.
 As part of the infamous treasure hunt that has become birthday lore Jed wanted to give his friends some special treasure. 'To say thank you for being a good friend', he said. Mama spent an evening transforming some vintage fabric from the stash and a classy linen tablecloth into 'treasure bags' for his party people.
Inside he added a handkerchief he cut out himself, stickers and a wee notebook and pencil.
 The day before the party, he reminded me he wanted a pinata. Oh. Hmmm. Yes. I had forgotten. No matter...some upcycled cardboard and duct tape gave us the bones of a rocket...a bit of paper mache and paint later and we were good to go. Phew!
 We found  new sugar cookie recipe and used a very strong brew of Twinings strawberry and mango tea to colour the icing. Unusually for me i had planned to buy in sushi from our favourite sushi place but there weren't open that handmade it was.
And i got off lightly on the cake this year. A heart shaped Chocolate fudge cake with mint icing was requested but when he saw the cakes fresh out of the oven, decided round was best. Needless to say, i was happy with this turn of events. Remind me to share this recipe with you one day, it has become our party standard, a truly delicious cake.
On the actual birthday morning we have a tradition of Jed waking up to a corner of the house transformed...this year it was an elaborate but simple construction of cardboard boxes. A space craft.That moonlights as the Bat cave, a science lab, cave and/or club house. Complete with a long entrance tunnel, trapdoor, skylights, portal windows and mini bunny entrance. It's still up!
Good good times. Memories to dripfeed a lifetime.

Do you have any birthday traditions?
I'd love to hear your stories...

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  1. What a wonderful birthday you have created together. He will always remember these times.