Tuesday, August 7, 2012

it began with a bunny

 He's had the briefest of mentions but I haven't introduced you properly. This is the newest member of the household. Ostensibly a birthday present, by the time Jed's actual birthday rolled around, it felt like Chestnut the rabbit had always been with us.
 Fond of grass, a cuddle, a race around the deck and ridiculously cute when cleaning himself, Chestnut has always (touch wood) taken care of his toileting needs on newspaper laid out on the deck when he is out and about. He'll stop whatever he's doing inside, go outside to his pile of newspaper, take care of business then come back in and continue whatever he was doing. Smart bunny. This toilet trained aspect of the wee boy makes him an extra appealing pet in my book. He has his palace on the deck, free range of the deck when we are around, often the lower level of our wee house, and a holiday home on the lawn. Life is not bad.
 For a little guy who doesn't have any brothers or sisters, Chestnut is a gem. These two spend many hours together. Best birthday present ever.
Jed, his cousin and Chester, they sat there in the winter sun for about an hour...they were adventuring off on their magic wagon to faraway lands...all the while loving up that bunny. Little boy and little bunny heaven.

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