Friday, August 17, 2012

lessons in mud

 This is a wonderful book.
 It got us into identifying animal and bird tracks when we were at the beach or in the bush.
One day I lugged up a tray of earth from our garden and we made our own tracks.
We observed them in the earth and printed them on a piece of card. Yes, the rabbit too.
Next the boys turned scientist, i set them up with specimen jars, spoons and a magnifying glass each with the task of finding as many living things as they could. Hours of fun. Out came the bug identification books. And out came a conversation about microlife. They could not tell some things were moving, until they looked through the magnifying glasses and the gasps of amazement were awesome to behold.
 That night it rained. We made mud paint.
What five year old boy wouldn't love to paint in mud?!
I left him to it and thought i might come outside to the word 'poo' in large letters on the house but no, he'd carefully painted the numbers 1-11 and was working on number 12. What a cynical mama!
And to clean up? Out came the waterpistol. So much fun this learning lark.
Yup, we are homeschooling, it's official.

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  1. What a marvellous, sensory-laden way to learn. He is a lucky boy indeed.