Tuesday, August 21, 2012


 I have an excess of ideas and rain. Lest i get sunk in the whirl of all those ideas trying to fight their way into existence, and in an attempt to make the most of the sun in its rare appearances...we bailed.
We went to see dear friends. Hoorah for good friends, small and large.
They tempted us to Luscious cafe...which is extremely child friendly and also has good coffee (i do not proclaim this easily) and great food. A rare combination.
West Auckland's Te Atatu Peninsula has a great walk around it. We scooted. And sat, and talked, while the kids played, and splashed. In the sun. Another rare combination lately.
Big outbreath. There's some big ticket topics bandied about lately. One of these late nights, you'll get a stream of consciousness rant laid on you. You lucky people. But not now. I am feeling vulnerable and i imagine that won't be helped by going public y'know? Not this time anyway. Ahem. And good night!

But before i go...have you been to New York City? The first time i went i was super young and i was brave, but it scared the pants off me. In the years i lived in the US i couldnt get enough of the place (or my friends who lived there) ...i found it incredibly enlivening and inspiring. This website, Humans of New York encapsulates all that for me. Wow. Go see.

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  1. Good morning i am a NZer living in the US on a wee farm and popped over from the lovely Juliet's blog.. thank you so much for taking me to the beloved beach .. i do so miss it.. c