Tuesday, August 14, 2012


 Birthday morning, after class...we played urban. Jed hit the streets on his new (to him) scooter.
 Such fun.
I have to admit...it was magic seeing the look on his face that morning when he unwrapped it. He had been wanting one for a long time. The admission? It was a selfish present too. When the little dude is too tired to walk around town while doing the inevitable errands? He WILL scoot. I had suspected as much. I don't have a bike rack on my old car so can't lug his two wheeler bike into town but i can pop this fold-up, lightweight, speedy scooter in my boot. Oh yeah...this is one crafty mama.
And another thing...why do folks laugh when i say i want one too?


  1. I like to borrow the kids ones sometimes and scoot around the house or play ground -I do get some looks but it is FUN!!!!!!!

    1. aha...so it is not just me! Lets have a scooter date sam...if the kids will lend us their wheels?!