Monday, August 13, 2012

where i walk

Where i walked. 
You will note there are no smaller footprints, or stick gouges, or ball imprints...just a woman's footprints charging on down the beach. Thinking, thinking. Admiring the wildness, thinking some more. Letting the sun seep into tired limbs and mind. Letting the seaspray and wind wash me clean. Walking, thinking.
 Where i sat.
 Where i gazed.
 Who i met up with later. For another good dose of 'sitting and thinking' (quite the catch phrase in our house) and...
a healthy dollop of silliness. And a swim would you believe? Him, not me!


  1. Anissa, I hope this taste of the wilds brought you some replenishment.

  2. Oh it did Juliet. It always does, to step out of daily life and be close to the sea. I need to remember that! x