Sunday, September 16, 2012

what to do with eeyore's

Jed had a bad case of what we call 'big feelings'. It is super rare but i could see we were heading for a clash. You know how it goes, Jed had gone all eeyore. Nothing was right. We left the dishes and opted for some fresh air, sunshine and some good old fashioned biking fun.
 The puddles were a bonus.
 The cure worked a treat.
A duck even came and joined him in the puddles.
Note to self:
Changing the scene and getting out there helps sometimes. Sometimes that means throwing the plan out the window and making it up as you go along. Follow your heart.
It leads to good places. And good people.

AN ASIDE: I am on a crafting jag and am rediscovering SJD - my soundtrack for the evening. Check out his song Beautiful Haze...Those A song for the revolution. Or just to sew too. Either way.

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  1. thanks anissa! this is just what i needed to read!