Wednesday, September 19, 2012

field trip

Jed was super excited to go on class field trip to the Arataki Visitor Centre at the tippy top of the Waitakere Ranges. I was excited to avoid the Auckland rush hour traffic we (unusually) find ourselves into get to class once a week. And the Arataki Centre is a pretty cool place to explore New Zealand's flora and fauna. Not to mention the views.
Their incredible teacher, Vanessa, led the way (well, apart from Jed and another 'scout' ensuring the track was clear) on a bush walk before going into the centre itself. Just when the kids energy was really flagging and interest was waning, she pointed out the plant named 'Bushman's friend'. Useful if you find yourself in the bush, needing to er, go and with no toilet paper. Yup. Nothing like a bit of bottom or excrement talk to get the 4-6 year olds focussed and re-energised. Funny little people.
This was my favourite stop of the day...a 600 year old kauri tree. They can get to 2000 years old. The stories they could tell. So cool to see all the kids slow right down and just gaze up in awe at it. They get it.


  1. I love the Waitakeres! It was one of my favourite places as a child - my parents would take us on many of the walks offered. I think Fairy Falls was a favourite, especially when it was warm enough to want to swim or paddle :)
    I really miss it now that I live in Wellington!

  2. Sounds inspiring. The kauri tree is awesome.