Wednesday, September 26, 2012

mushroom magic

 I love it when we stumble upon magic. It's all around us, all the time, i know. But, there is a trick to being open to seeing it. Kids have a hotline to magic and it is an honour to share it with them.
We were biking. It was an ordinary day. It started way too early (for this night owl anyway), the morning involved breakfast, dishes, gardening, homeschooling session and a bike ride.
While biking, Jed spotted these mushrooms growing down by the beach. We walk past there all the time and had never seen mushrooms there before. They were emerging before our eyes. The ordinary day took on an extra dimension as we crouched there marvelling at their strange fungussy beauty. I love that deep woodsy mushroomy smell they have.
And i love thinking about the mycelium all underneath where the mushrooms grow...a kind of network under the soil. The mushrooms are like its fruit. Wrong terminology i know, but i geeked out all the same.
Did you know some mycelium can be hundreds of football pitches big? And live for 1000's of years?
Cool. (I did say i was geeking out did i not?!)
Our world is such a rich and beautiful place.


  1. lovely mushroom pictures. I agree, there is something magical about them. Take care.

    1. hi appleshoe. Thank you for sharing my joy in mushrooms! x

  2. I remember reading somewhere that because of the breadth of the mycelium, mushroom / fungi are the biggest organism in the world...
    It's geeking out and sharing this with the boys thatmakes homeschooling in the unschooling style so rich and enjoyable for all involved :)

    1. oh yes...and i do love to indulge in a wee geek out on occasion! x