Wednesday, September 5, 2012

the week of the bird

Spring is busy working it's fecund magic out there. We had an inadvertant week of the bird lately...We got to feed and visit with next door baby bantams while they were all out at work and school. Little guy was very happy about this arrangement.
 He does have an affinity. This photo cracks me up.
While out walking the path to find a good picnic spot, Jed spotted a nest hidden in the grass near the stream. Bird poo and feathers were his clues to what kind of bird has rested there. 
 I love hanging out with kidlets for the way they see the world. I woulda charged right on past this beautiful nest - it was totally hidden to adult eyes in the long grass. I love it when those magic moments hijack you and leave our eyes full of wonder.
 We let out cheers for exuberant blossoming trees, and gentle sighs for more spring babies. Town babies this time. Cygnets. Jed is adamant 'cygnets' is a silly name and insists on calling them swanlings.
 I'm with him. Cygnet doesn't quite fit.
After lunch with friends we don't see nearly enough of, we ventured down to their beach. A different one for a change...and took Jed to see the Gannet colony at Muriwai. They were just in from abroad and beginning their sexy season...all nesty and frisky.

Bring on Spring i say!
I am ready. You?


  1. Swanlings! I love it. What delightful pictures of birds and your young one, so full of fresh, explorative energy.

    1. Yes, seems to have struck a chord in quite a few younglings of the human variety...who knows, maybe they'll be the ones to change it!?