Sunday, September 9, 2012

viking salt

Last week we looked at the vikings. Fascinating. Jed researched all about how they lived (we built a longhouse in the lounge), what kind of food they ate and learnt how they got their salt. So, we did the same. We went down the beach one blustery stormy day, scooped up a few jugfulls of sea water and hauled it home in a bottle. We boiled it down in a big pan while we read and did some viking battle maths. I skimmed a few impurities out that floated to the top in the first half hour or so.
It took awhile to boil down, but look what we were left with. Amazing quality sea salt!
I don't think i will buy sea salt ever again. Jed's viking salt is so much better than what we had been buying.
He is very proud.

(I should note that we are blessed to live by pristine waters, i am not sure i would be so keen to make viking salt from the harbour beaches here.)

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