Sunday, October 7, 2012

an owl in the making

I love it when the day gets hijacked by something that wasn't in the plan.
Like this owl for example.
We were learning about owls this particular week.
Jed drew an awesome one then had the idea to make an owl out of fabric.
Lunch could wait, the creative process waits for no meal.
We gathered a bunch of fabrics deemed 'owlish'. (Believe me, alot were vetoed, this was a guy with a vision - read, mama quietly shelving hers!) And pretty much started cutting.
In an hour Jed was stuffing it. We used sheepswool. He proudly sewed parts of it himself.
And this is the mess that happens when that creative flow is in full force. No doubt that's my boy!

Owl is much loved and lives on Jed's bed with the rest of his clan...Leaf, rainbow gnome and co. I love how Jed's room is evolving as he grows. Such a magical space and he so loves it. Before he was born i wrote in my journal about how i wanted his room to be a place of sanctuary, rest and joy to him. A place of his very own. It brings me much happiness to see that come to pass.
And you many parenting expectations (even ones you didn't realise were lurking),well, different in reality. In good ways as well as the odd challenging one. So i am kinda basking in this one.


  1. How adorable! Love this craft <3



    1. Thanks bonnie...and may i just say how much i have been loving your blog!? You are rocking the citylife my dear!

  2. Oh, bask away Anissa! It's so wonderful to see a child have a vision and then put it into practice (with guidance). He will grow up into a man who manifests! The owl is gorgeous - and huggable too, no doubt. You have your priorities absolutely right. Lucky Jed.

    1. hearfelt thanks for that comment juliet. your words always ring true and arrive and the perfect moment. x

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    1. thanks gabrielle...she is much loved still. x