Wednesday, October 3, 2012

channelling bear

So, a year ago a friend put a Bear Grylls Man vs Wild episode on for all the kids to watch while us grown up were eating pasta and drinking wine. Jed was the youngest of the boys by FAR. We don't do TV so i hadn't heard of Bear Grylls and i wasn't sure about it. But goodness me did he ever make an impression on young Jed. Let's just say i heard alot about Bear in the year that followed. I put Jed off from requesting his DVD from the library again and again. Then, much to Jed's day last week i had no resistance left (might have been the chest infection that i havent been able to shake for four weeks now!) and he proudly received a Bear Grylls DVD from his favourite librarian.
Bear Gryll's fever has officially hit the household. The man is pretty awesome and seems a truly nice dude.
And there is lots of this...climbing, bivouac making and attempting to catch fish in our bare hands Bear Gryll's type of adventures. I love it. I used to be staff out at the YMCA camp and am well versed in the outdoors survival stuff. I especially liked the challenging groups of teenagers. (Ask me about the time i got speared by angsty teen while eeling in the river sometime) Good healthy fun.
And i have a theory. In this discombobulated world where we are often cut off from the origins of our food, getting back to basics and finding the food and shelter you need does wonders for the soul. It's like you know, if it all goes down, you'll be okay. It's like a quiet underlying confidence you build the rest of your world on. Especially important for young folks i think.
And, the view. Oh, the view.

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