Sunday, October 28, 2012

jedi - in the dress up box

It has been the weekend of parties for this wee fella. Good times. But i have to say...we are both pooped.

One was a starwars party and Jed's cousin's party at the local climbing wall was the very next day. His friends were dressing up for the star wars party and Jed hatched a plan to dress up too. I had to dig deep into my stash. I found some brown cotton jersey and got cutting the night before. I found THIS post outlining how to make a jedi robe which made the whole process super fast. Thank you Craftster and Tank Grrl! And i had a sudden flash of how cool it is to be able to sew and whip these things up. Gratitude. It's a beautiful thing.
 Serious business, this being a Jedi Master.
Love the moves. For someone who hasn't seen the Starwars movies yet, he is definitely channelling the force. But then his middle name is Isaac.
That look and the hand movement just gets me. (and you get a peek into my crazy closet)

Jed woke me up that morning all ready to go saying, "C'mon...lets go to Lenny's party mama!".
It was 5.45am.
Party started at 4pm.
It was a long wait.
Finally on his way...

These little dudes have all grown up together. Our paths don't cross as often as they did, but they are good friends and it is always special to see them together. They already talk about the 'good old days'...and they're five. Thanks for the good times birthday boy parents!

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  1. That is a fantastic costume. Love the picture of him off down the road to conquer the universe! Definitely will be on the lookout for some appropriate fabric for my 4yo boy now. Thanks for the inspiration :)