Wednesday, October 17, 2012

summer sewing

{er, sewing geek-out disclaimer-Come back tomorrow if not that way inclined! xx)

I turned up at the Sew Fun retreat with a basketful of vintage fabrics from my stash and a book.
No clue what i was going to make. Yup, folks, i had lost my sewing mojo. Two disasters in a row and a very very disappointing market had me down.
But it turned out kinda fun to wing it.
The book was Simple Modern Sewing: 8 basic patterns to create 25 garments, by Shufu To Seikatsu Sha.

I have been ogling it, untouched, on my bookshelf since my birthday.
I used the cap sleeved top (7b) but didnt have quite enough fabric to put elastic in the sleeve hems so i put a wee tuck in which did the trick nicely:
 I especially like the binding method of finishing the neckline, so easy and so neat:

This book is a keeper. Clear instructions in english, simple designs that are easily tweaked to put your own twist on them, and FAST. I like that.
The finished summer shirt, in between crazily strong gusts of wind:

And, since i am currently procrastinating on making some Surf lifesaver shorts for the local market on Labour Day monday, i whipped up another shirt out of the same pattern. I used a soft polkadot chambray. This time using the binding method to finish the sleeve into a simple tank top. I shaped the back hem to be longer too. Feels kinda sneaky to be sewing for myself somehow. He he.

Two of my favourite creations:
Just love that wee man so much.


  1. Lovely tops1 It's good when you hit on a pattern that makes you want to sew. I've done the tuck in the sleeve on some tops for my girl and I like how it smooths the poofiness out of the sleeve.

    1. thank you...i know, i love it when i find a new pattern like that. I am not a big poofy sleeve fan so was pleased with how the tucks worked out. I am going to try the Simple Modern Sewing book's linen wide leg trouser next...