Wednesday, November 7, 2012

$14.50 plus postage

I am a firm believer in an alternative economy. Those of you who've been around awhile know my reluctance to buy anything new. There is enough stuff in the world already. If you haven't seen the story of stuff animated short film, please do. The link is at the end of the post.
Aside from the morality of our consumerism, there is the financial reality. I simply can't afford to pay $135 for a pair of Birkenstock sandals, no matter how long they will last.
Turns out that is okay. Because i can pay $7.50. For a silver pair. That fit perfectly! Whoop whoop!
And the other pair i wear ALL the time at the moment? $7 unworn. From a lady on who bought the wrong size from a boutique in melbourne. $14.50 for my two dream pairs of sandals. Sorted for summer i am. I am rocking this alternative economy i tell you!
I have had incredible luck in thrift shops lately, with finding everything we need plus some fluffy goodness like the summer shoes i fancied.
It is rare, but sometimes i can get sucked into thoughts of despair that we don't have the money for this or that. But really, we are so rich in this simple life. Most of the time i just feel grateful.

To be taken to the story of stuff - click HERE.


  1. What a good news story this is. Congratulations on finding the perfect footwear - twice! they look so elegant - and comfortable.

    1. thanks juliet, no doubt the next time i see you i will be wearing one of them! x